Thursday, January 8, 2009

Solved: Cannot connect via RDP through RWW

The Problem:
When trying to connect to a remote Windows XP PC through Remote Web Workplace, you receive the error:
"The Microsoft Terminal Services Client ActiveX control (also known as Microsoft RDP Client Control) is either not available, or is not enabled. For more information about installing and enabling the ActiveX control, see the Microsoft TechNet Web site ("
The Solution:
Upgrade the XP PC to SP3 and then confirm that the Microsoft Terminal Services Client Control ActiveX control is enabled within IE's "Manage add-ons" window.

The Long Story:
After a user received this error, I dutifully read through the KB article that was referenced in the error. While reading the KB article a few things about this situation stood out to me:
  • The user's computer was XP SP2 and not SP3 (the fact that it was Media Center Edition did not seem to be relevant to me).
  • The drop-down panel in Internet Explorer which usually prompts the user to download the ActiveX client did not appear
  • The version of Remote Desktop that was on the user's PC was 5.1