Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fixing SoftPerfect's Network Scanner Being Unseen and Offscreen

I like to use SoftPerfect's Network Scanner utility for many reasons. However, I noticed that whenever I launched the program, it would appear on the taskbar but not be found anywhere on my screen. If I hovered my mouse over the taskbar tab for Network Scanner, I could see the pop up that showed the window's content. I Googled around for a few minutes and came across this blog post from Chris Rasco. To summarize, he theorized that the window was simply off screen and that possibly his dual monitor setup caused some errant registry entry for the programs window location. He edited the registry to solve the problem. I have a dual monitor setup. I hadn't considered that the window might be off screen and that suggestion caused me to think of another solution that did not involve a registry tweak.

I clicked the Network Scanner tab on the taskbar to bring the unseen window to the front. I then hit alt + space to bring up the window's drop down menu. Instantly, on the far right of my second monitor I saw the window's drop down menu appear (but still couldn't see Network Scanner's window). I selected "move" from the menu and then, using the arrow keys, was able to bring the Network Scanner window back to a place where I could see it.

So if you ever find yourself asking, "Oh teh noes! How do I get my SoftPerfect Network Scanner to be visible again!" you now have two ways of solving the problem. =)