Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Small Business Server 2008 DNS problems; "Standard Query Response, Server Failure"

UPDATE: This is not the solution after all. Almost one week after implementing this fix the symptoms came back. The ultimate solution is documented in this later post of mine.

The problem:
When using a Small Business Server 2008 machine as your DNS server, DNS resolution is extremely unreliable oftentimes not working at all. Using root hints may offer more reliability than using forwarders. Using forwarders will almost always cause resolution to fail. When inspecting the TCP/IP dataflow with a protocol analyzer the SBS machine will query DNS forwarders or root hints servers and either receive no response from them, receive a very delayed response (2 to 6 seconds) or return "Standard Query Response, Server Failure" to the client.

The solution: Open Server Manager and expand the DNS node. Right click the DNS server (the name of the SBS machine) and select "Properties. On the "Interfaces" tab the default setting is "Only on the following IP addresses:" and both the IPv6 and IPv4 address for the Small Business Server's interface are selected. Deselect the IPv6 address and restart the DNS service.

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