Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Default gateway disappears on Broadcom NC Series 1Gb integrated NIC in HP ML115 G5 Server

I have an HP ML 115 G5 server using the integrated Broadcom NC Series NIC. The operating system is Windows Small Business Server 2008 Standard Edition. I noticed that the static default gateway set in the TCP/IPv4 settings would disappear after a reboot. All other statically assigned TCP/IP information remained such as the IP, subnet mask and DNS servers. I was using the 12.0.0.x Broadcom drivers supplied by HP and also tried the 11.7.0.x version drivers. I then used the Windows built-in Microsoft Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet driver (date 8/1/2006) version and the symptom did not exist.

The solution for me was to use the HPSUM utility to check for drivers and install version of the HP Broadcom driver. The server now retains the static default gateway information after a reboot.

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