Monday, November 2, 2009

APC creates unobtrusive equipment racks that look like furniture.

Plenty of admins/consultants have to deal with small offices and branch offices that need a server or three, a firewall and maybe some switches. But where to put them? Usually those devices end up being bunkmates with mops and 5-gallon containers of Janitor in a Drum. However, APC has created their NetShelter CX series that  looks like an unobtrusive pieces of office cabinetry.

I have two concerns however:

  1. What about airflow? I see that the back is a screen but is there sufficient room on the front for intake? Being that it's produced by APC, I would give them the benefit of the doubt that they would take that into consideration.
  2. What about cooling? Does this thing trap heat more than a normal server rack would? That faux wood paneling must surely be more of a heat trap than the simple aluminum sides real server racks have. A subpoint of this issue is: Would it make people take the need for proper A/C flow on the unit even less seriously than people already do? Does making it look like a piece of furniture encourage equipment to be placed out in the open office where dust and heat roam unchecked??
Nonetheless, I'll look into one of these devices if the need for one at a small office rises.

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