Friday, November 27, 2009

List of Network Inventorying Software (Update Revision 2)

This thread over at sparked me to create a post where I can list the various IT asset inventorying software that I'm aware of.

Total Network Inventory
Manage Engine (Has multiple tools that could be in this category)
Network Inventory Advisor
OCS Inventory (Would have been funnier if it was named "OCD Inventory". Commentor Matt recommends using GLPI as an interface for the poorly designed (as of this writing in November 2009) OCS interface. )
i-doit (Open and pro versions available. Is it disconcerting to anyone else what the product name turns into when you simply swap the "i" and "o"?)
Lansweeper (Recommended by commenter Chris. Windows only freeware.)

Please contribute if you know of other similar software! Close-source or open-source, it makes no difference.


  1. Currently, we're running OCS inventory, but because the interface looks like it was designed by a third grader using crayons, we use GLPI to interact with it.

    I have played a little bit with Spiceworks, and it's autodetect stuff worked like magic. If I ran a more Windows-centric infrastructure, I'd definitely use it.

  2. Thanks Matt! Duly noted. Happy Black Friday. =)

  3. Lansweeper is an awesome windows only inventory freeware.

  4. Thanks for the tip Chris. It has been added to the list.