Wednesday, November 18, 2009

List of Outlook Anywhere autodiscover DNS query attempts

This is a list of the various DNS queries that Outlook Anywhere clients will attempt to make before finally searching out a SRV record in the domain. This is taken directly from Microsoft KB940881. I reprint it here because I've already spent an embarrassing amount of time searching for this article after I forgot where I documented it. Hopefully I'll never forget again.

The succession of autodiscover attempts done by an Outlook 2007 SP1 client is now thus:

  1. Autodiscover posts to This fails.
  2. Autodiscover posts to This fails.
  3. Autodiscover performs the following redirect check:
    This fails.
  4. Autodiscover uses DNS SRV lookup for, and then "" is returned.
  5. Outlook asks permission from the user to continue with Autodiscover to post to
  6. Autodiscover's POST request is successfully posted to

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