Wednesday, November 11, 2009

VMWare View 4 touted as "Disruptive, Game-Changing"; Uhhh... ever heard of Terminal Services?

Accorind to this article, VMWare View 4 "could revolutionize how IT infrastructure is deployed today." Yet reading on, it seems to simply be another way of deploying a desktop computing experience to thin clients or home users' PCs ala Terminal Services or Citrix XenApp (née MetaFrame Server, née Presentation Server). The only difference being that View 4 would be based on virtual machines rather than different interactive sessions on the same server. Is that difference enough to call this "revolutionary"? I'm not hugely familiar with TS or Citrix products, but this seems to be pure, unadulterated hype. Cool hype... but hype nonetheless. 

As always, I'm eager to be proven wrong. Anyone want to step up and school me?

P.S. Not that I'm complaining about good hype for VMWare. Anything that raises the price of my VMW stock makes me smile. =)

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