Wednesday, January 6, 2010

45 BaseCamp Alternatives Listed Over at

I recently had the need to search out some kind of online project management tool similar to BaseCamp. I've used basecamp before, but figured that I'd check out the competition. I found this lovely article over at that lists 45 Basecamp alternatives. I think I'll be going with Zoho's PM offering, simply because I really like Zoho's online office suite and use their wiki every single workday. However, there are plenty of other possibilities out there. Check the list out for yourself.

EDIT: I ended up using What swayed me? Well, first you need to know that a Wiki was a requirement for my project management needs. Second, I remembered that in my nearly two years of using Zoho's wiki, I've had consistent trouble with the wiki editor which seems a bit quirky. I even had an entire page's formatting completely thrashed when I simply tried to spell check it. Yes, all of my documentation for a firewall, complete with bullet points, indentation, headings, etc. was rediced to one big long string of text. All the same font, size, style, everything. Only spaces were preserved. So. Much. Fun. I haven't noticed things with the wiki editor improving much over these last two years so I decided to try something new. So far, seems to be great.


  1. Hi Nonapeptide,

    Thank your for planning to use Zoho Projects.

    Please get back to us for any further assistance at


  2. Thanks for the attention Celina. However, I decided to give a try.

  3. Hello Nona,

    I hope you’d also give Worketc a shot. It’s a small business management software ( that I found very efficient, especially in organizing my daily tasks such tracking billable time, marketing and even customer support. I also find how it is able to integrate all tools into one application quite amazing.

  4. Thanks for the tip Maureen! I'll add this one to the list when I update the post and migrate it to my new blog at

  5. You should also checkout
    It is a web based project management software that helps you to manage, schedule, discuss, work and communicate with clients and team. you can also use its free trial version.

  6. I have recently heard about Proofhub and its reviews are really attractive. I think you should also see and observe may be it can sort out your problem.

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  8. Hi,

    We submitted Apollo to Sherpa-PM a while ago, and are still waiting for the submission to go through!
    Apollo Project Management
    Apollo is both project management and CRM. It's a fantastic, one-page application (it looks native!) with cases&deals, timers, calendars, etc.

    Check it out!


  9. Hi Wesley. You can also check out
    Features: task management,calendar,delimited access control,Gantt charting,activity, custom FTP,tagging,notifications,exportable reports,time tracking,mobile version,customizable interface,dual-language account mode.
    Also there is friendly prices and free plan. Hope you like it.

    1. Thanks alex! I had almost forgotten about this old post. =)