Saturday, January 16, 2010

Can only browse Google based web sites

My Problem:
On only one computer on the network, I can only browse Google based web sites (GMail, Google news, Google shopping) while connected wirelessly to a Comcast branded Netgear CG814WG modem. All other application layer protocol communication to cross the router to that one PC seem to work fine such as email and VNC connections. All LAN based communication such as SMB and ICMP seems to be working. All other computers on the network can browse the web. If I plug the troubled computer via a network cable into the router, I can browse the internet perfectly.

My Solution:
Reduce the Wireless security to WEP 64-bit. For some reason, the router will cause one PC on the LAN that is connected wirelessly to be unable to connect to web sites other than Google (and possibly other sites) as long as the wireless security is stronger than WEP 64-bit. Thanks Comcast, and your bizarre custom firmware.

Thanks to the user curthesher in this thread for the tip.

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