Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Google number goes to someone else's phone!

Today I was setting up a website monitoring service, and chose to send SMS alerts to my Google Voice phone number. The SMS alert never came, so I double checked that I typed the correct number. I then picked up my office IP phone and called my Google number... and after 4 rings was connected with some woman's voicemail that I had never heard of before.

Slightly confused and worried, I checked my Google Voice account to make sure it was still active, that my cell phone number was typed correctly and that it was all set up to forward like it should. Everything seemed in order.  After some searches on the web (using Google... they're beginning to look more and more like a cradle-to-grave organization; I say this as I use a Google-based blogging service) it seems like there are some similar problems. One involves someone properly receiving the Google call on their cell phone, but voicemail is being forwarded to a wrong number. That's not quite my problem.

I added a second phone to my account and verified it. I then deselected my cell phone as a forwarding number and chose to only forward to the new phone. When I called my Google Voice number, I still did not receive the call after 4 rings and was then connected to some stranger's voicemail box. If there's some woman out there with a name that sounds like "Quitey", I'm sorry for annoying you.

I await contact from people on Google's help forum to see what might be the problem.

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  1. I'm having this problem as well, but I personally can't reproduce it. When I call my google voice number, my cell phone rings every time like it should. But many people have complained that sometimes they get me and sometimes they get somebody else. In each situation, they're just picking my name from their cell phone book, so it's not like they're typing the number in wrong. I LOVE google voice the and the concept of diverting some people straight to voice mail, making sure important phone calls ring all of my phones, transcription (even though it's usually really, REALLY bad!), etc. However, I don't feel confident giving my phone out to someone because if I don't hear from them when I expect to, I never know if it's that they just didn't call or if there's some technical issue.