Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More evidence that multitasking == FAIL

From, this is just one of many articles that have been brought to my attention concerning the downfall of multitasking. I didn't have to be sold on the poor effects of multitasking, at least not for my personality and mentality. When I start floating two or three tasks virtually simultaneously, all of the tasks suffer and in many cases are botched and end up having to be redone.

While some people may have more of a capacity for multitasking than others, it seems to be a practice that -- no matter how you look at it -- has detrimental effects. As I've said before, stop multitasking! Start unitasking!

P.S. Yes, the original incarnation of this blog post had a misspelling in the title. Could it be that I was multitasking while blogging? Perhaps.

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