Monday, February 8, 2010

Postini Resellers; Why so cheesy?

Losing the fight against spam with only Exchange 2007's built in tools to aid me, I've turned to hosted filtering solutions. Google's Postini has my attention at the moment because of it's seeming simplicity, user control and the ubiquity of the Google brand. Postini resellers, on the other hand, have captured my attention because of their lack of polish and seeming indifference to rudimentary marketing policies (such as Rule #1 of Marketing: Don't scare people). While the prices that resellers offer are better than Google, I'm not entirely filled with confidence about the support that is offered when a reseller's website looks like the fruit of a seizure-prone cat dancing across a keyboard with Microsoft Front Page open.

And furthermore, if the complaints about Google's Postini support being virtually nonexistant, what benefit to I get from a reseller who is downstream of that nonexistance? Will the reseller provide me with extra empathetic tech support to listen to me sniffle should Google's fireproof services get burninated? Sarcasm aside, I believe that the resellers may get a special bat-phone to Google's tech support if they have a certain amount of customers.

Dear Postini resellers:

If you want to instill confidence in your customers, please update your websites, include some option for live chat and answer my emails. Wouldn't the ultimate irony be that my emails were caught in their Postini spam filters? Hoist by my own MTA.

P.S. And why do I not look at services like MessageLabs and MXLogic? Because I don't trust anything with the Symantec name (MessageLabs) and I don't like MXLogic because remote mailboxes that use MXLogic for protection tend to block my Exchange server in spite of it having a flawless Spam record and not being on a blacklist. I suspect it's merely because I'm on a block of DSL IPs, even though it's a static, "business class" connection.

SpamHero and AppRiver's SecureTide, however, seem interesting. Any suggestions are, of course, appreciated.


  1. I suggest to stay with Google and even migrate to Google Apps Premier. Also think of getting Google Message Discovery to handle your archiving and e-discovery needs. I believe generalising that all postini resellers and/or Google Enterprise partners are negligent or incompetent is incorrect. As we are Google Postini Distributors for EMEA, we boast the best support, 24/7, proven and held accountable with strict SLA's.

  2. or perhaps try Webroot a service that a lot of Postini and MessageLabs customers have happily migrated to.

  3. Interesting comment from a Postini distributor citing the support etc, as the original article stated, if the support and service from Postini (Google) themselves does not deliver, how can a partner underneath them circumvent this isssue. After all does the disti have access to the Postini infrastructure or data centres, toolsets and the like to be able to resolve or fix such issues !

  4. @Anonymous #1: I'd love to go with Google Apps, but we've invested in Microsoft SBS 2008 so moving to them would be a bit like switching horses mid-river. Lesson learned. The Next email system I have to upgrade will be a hosted solution, probably Google Apps.

    @Anonymous #2 and xpo172: Thanks for the tip! I'll check them out

    @Anonymous #3: I think I read somewhere in my research that customers that purchase a certain dollar amount of services will receive support. Certainly a distributor will reach that dollar amount... I hope. Unless the reseller is "Ma's Grill and Intarnet Securitizer".

  5. some example problems of the many out there reported on Postini for support and outages
    The company has also acknowledged the problem affected users in Europe. Previously, the company had indicated it was a US-only issue.

  6. You missed this one too that i spotted
    "Postini is not taking calls, is their call center operating?" asked one user on Twitter. "It is ridiculous and totally unacceptable that Google cannot have someone to be on call to deal with Postini related issues when required," tweeted another user. And yet another user noted this morning, "Postini still gets a big fat FAIL for today, I just got an e-mail that is over 20-hours-old."
    The Postini problem follows a series of problems that have interrupted or shut down Gmail and other Google Apps services.
    Last month, Google News, the company's news aggregation site, crashed and Gmail experienced a day of intermittent disruptions. Users of multiple Google applications also endured well-publicized service crashes in both February and May.

  7. @The previous Anonymous: Thanks again for the information.

    Full disclosure alert: As a result of information gleaned from my blog stats engine, am I safe in assuming you work for Webroot?

  8. Hi Wesley, this is Jeremy from SpamHero. Our Google Alerts notified us that you commented about our service.

    Since you're a blogger we'd like to offer you an extended free trial of our service. If you're interested, contact us directly through our site (phone, chat or email) and we'll get you hooked up. :-)

  9. Hi Wesley.

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