Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Flickr group for server rooms from the wrong side of the tracks

UPDATE: I fixed my borked Bit.ly link. This one should work now.

Ever been in one of those server rooms? Ever seen solutions designed by someone who could only use one hand because the other was on a chrome .45? Awww yee-uh. Ghetto IT.

Got any photo evidence of those slipshod solutions? Maybe you would never close circuits with a pair of plyers, but did your predecessor leave you with core switches powered by an exercise bike and servers propped up with broom sticks? If so, I've created the Flickr group for you: "Ghetto IT

The inspiration behind this is a thread at the SysAdmin-Network from a user named Isaac.The thread was named "Isaac? The ghetto is calling, they want their servers back." I figured that we all had our own run-ins with ghetto IT whether we were the originators of it or merely the unfortunate stewards of it.

Got anything to contribute? Want to join the group? Want to be a Thug Operator? Lemme know over at Flick-to-the-r.

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