Thursday, April 15, 2010

Integrate Google Docs and Microsoft Outlook… free!

I recently stumbled upon a free Microsoft Outlook Add-in that allows you to have access to your Google Docs from within Outlook 2007. It’s from a company called Mainsoft and the tool is called Harmony for Google Docs.

HArmony for Google Docs

I’m not a huge Google Docs fan, primarily because the web interface never impressed me and I didn’t want to juggle two interfaces to access various similar information. Those two interfaces being Outlook for much of my email and Google Docs for online files.

However, with this new plug in, I think I may give Google Docs another try. If I can easily store files “in the cloud”, I’ll be more apt to do so.

Mainsoft also creates an Outlook plug-in for SharePoint called Harmony for SharePoint. However, not yet having fully implemented SharePoint in one of my offices, I’ll save my opinions on that tool for when/if I ever use it.

If anyone else has comments or experiences with either tool, drop me a line or comment. Guest blog posts are always welcomed!

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