Saturday, April 17, 2010

Speed Reading, Week 1 Finished

I started the week, prior to starting any of my lessons, with a reading speed of about 170 to 185 words per minute. Not bad for me! I think that increased speed is a result of doing these exercises and learning some techniques late last year.

  • Monday - Lesson 1: Morning and evening
  • Tuesday – Lesson 1: Morning but missed evening (Got back into the mental habits pretty good. Came up to speed quickly, was able to focus my attention well.)
  • Wednesday - Lesson 2: Morning but missed evening
  • Thursday - Lesson 3: Morning (more like late afternoon)  Evening
  • Friday - Lesson 3: Morning, forgot evening! =(
  • Saturday Lesson 3: Forgot both. Fail.

It wasn’t the most energetic or consistent week and the last day was a bit of a failure. At least I got back into the habits. Next week will be better!

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